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Scratch Block Coding

Scratch Block Coding


Scratch is a free educational website developed by MIT that provides a great way to learn to code early. You can create interactive games, animations, and stories in Scratch instead of writing lines of code to perform any operation. You can perform tasks just by drag and drop. Scratch can be used online or offline on your system.
To download Scratch on your PC, click here - Download Scratch
To use Scratch on any browser, navigate to Scratch website

What is Scratch coding?
Scratch coding is a visual programming language in which you have to drag and drop blocks of code and attach them in a way you connect a jigsaw puzzle.

Scratch is beginner friendly
Scratch is designed to learn programming concepts in an interactive and fun way. It’s a popular platform among kids to create creative games, animation, and stories.

It has different in-built extensions like text-to-speech and video sensing to make your projects more interactive. Scratch is a great platform to learn basic coding and programming concepts for beginners without prior coding knowledge.

Scratch is easy to learn
Scratch coding is very easy to learn. It’s perfect for kids who want to start their journey into programming. Scratch interface is designed keeping kids in mind, making learning to code fun and interactive.

Scratch is suitable for all age groups
Scratch coding is suitable for kids who want to get introduced to programming. Scratch is designed for kids of ages 8-16, but people of all ages use Scratch to create programs.

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