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Web Development

Web Development Course For Kids


Web development will be one of the most in-demand skills in the next decade. With 50% of the global population using the internet daily, it makes sense that tech skills will keep growing in demand. The amount of people using the internet is only going to increase. With web development classes for kids, you can turn their passion for devices or computer games into a learning opportunity.
Online web development classes for kids help them to design and develop websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming. Web design for kids emphasis on design thinking, students will solve real world problems and create variety of web projects like blogs, e-commerce, wiki pages and personal webpage with responsive pages and latest design trends.
Tinker Coders offer an online web development course for kids. The course is designed to teach children the basics of web development. Through various projects and exercises children will learn HTML, CSS & web Design Coding Classes. We provide the opportunity for children to learn at their own pace by testing their knowledge and giving them feedback on their progress.
In web development course, kids will learn how to create their own simple website using HTML and CSS. This course will teach them to use the basics of these languages, while they create and build their project.

Our Other Courses

Our programs offer coding, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, providing top-notch STEM education. Meet the rising demand for quality coding and digital literacy education while offering a distinctive program for children.

Scratch Block Coding

Age Group : 8 Years +

Grades : 3-5 & 6-8

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game: character development, storyboarding, animation, environment and level design, beta testing and, of course, coding.

Mobile App Inventor

Age Group : 10 Years +

Grades : 6-8 & 9-10

Learn to use the open development tool, App Inventor, to program on Android devices. You will learn how to design and build mobile apps -- apps that are aware of their location, send and receive text messages, and give advice and directions.

Python - AI/ML

Age Group : 10 Years +

Grades : 3-5 , 6-8 & 9-12

Python is a must-have tool in data science and Big data but is also used for website development, algorithms for autonomous cars and computer games.